One thought on “Fox News Latino: New York Times says U.S. shouldn’t urge Cuban docs to defect

  1. Izzy

    Of course the US is going to be on a rabid pilfering spree for highly trained Cuban doctors. They’ve put their medical delivery system into such a disarray, they will be begging for Cuban doctors out of shear desperation. I say Cuba should really build up their medical institutions, give lots of love and respect to their doctors, then lure US citizens to Cuba for medical procedures at a fraction of what the messed up medical system in the US charges. Heck, bet Cuba could even invest in a medi-flight plane that flies back and forth from Miami. Why not go really big and start a US to Cuba medical insurance plan too? Imagine that, eh? Capitalize on your strengths Cuba. You have many good things to offer the world. If you could maybe open your colleges to US students too (without any Marxist propaganda indoctrinating) at a reasonable cost, I’ll be you would get lots of enrollees. Keep your allies close to you too.
    And if possible, make sure Guantonamo prison remains as an International prison. Privatize it. There is money to be made in prisons these days. Joint investment with Russia might be a wise endeavor.
    See you soon! Looking forward to visiting your beaches and dancing the night away under the Cuban stars.


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